More than just a Concierge

W+S International. Is not just a concierge; we are lifestyle advisors, your helpers in need; we help you build a business and make it thrive.

Besides just making restaurant reservations and organizing the perfect trip for you and your loved one, W+S International. can do way more.

And since you don't just want to believe an individual behind a keyboard telling you what we can do, let us rather tell you what we have done, and you can decide by yourself.

I think I should even correct the slogan now; we shouldn't say more than just a concierge but.

Not at all a concierge, more like a friend, business partner, lifestyle advisor and confidant

We don't like to call ourselves a concierge because we all have been disappointed by concierge services, those "sorry its too late", "sorry we can't do this" or negations.

At W+S International. "NO" is not an acceptable answer; we always find an alternative nearest possible to customers wishes and at the best price possible.